Mayor’s Art Institute

Mayor's Art Institute

The Mayor’s Art Institute was created in 1999 to provide paid training and mentorship for artistically talented youth and adults.

The program was administered by the City of Albuquerque from 1999-2005, before being administered the Harwood Art Center from 2006-2015. The Institute grew and flourished through the support of the Harwood staff and community. It gained stability, national recognition, and the support of the greater Albuquerque community while under the administration of Harwood.

Beginning in 2016, the Mayor’s Art Institute will be administered by ALMA (Apprenticeships for Leaders in Mosaic Arts), a local arts non-profit directed by the lead artists of the Mayor’s Art Institute.  The Harwood Art Center is thrilled to have been able to incubate this lasting, successful program, and we wish ALMA the best in the future.

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Barbara Grothus

Former Harwood Artist

I remember when the Harwood was a big empty building and Friedje had recruited a few people from the community to brainstorm about what it might become. The art community was large; studio and gallery spaces were limited. A match was made, and as the space filled up, the vision evolved. Albuquerque United Artists had an office, and held exhibitions during the 1990s. In 2000, I collected burned relics from the Cerro Grande fire.The Harwood had a space available, and though I have always had my own studio (OK, those burned things were sooty), I rented a studio there while I worked on some ideas. Eventually, I had two shows about the fire The Harwood also awarded me an exhibition in 2005. That was a true honor. The place has been part of my life for the entire time it has existed as a “home for art and artists.

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