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Adult Art Classes

Multi-Week Classes

ArtFix: Independent Study & Weekly Practice for Artists with Lea Anderson and Ivan Boyd

Thursdays, August 31 - November 16, 6:00pm - 9:00pm · 
(6, 10, and 12-week options available)

Would you like time set aside to make your own art? Do you need a regular creative 'fix'? If you respond well to the rhythm of weekly classes, would like to work more with a particular media, or want to get back into regular creative practice, this is the perfect place for you! As fellow artists and art instructors, we are here to offer valuable feedback, tips and suggestions for whatever you want to work on. The last night of class will be set aside for a supportive critique. This fun, friendly, unique atmosphere will provide opportunities for networking, discussion, and creative growth. Make time for this important part of your life!

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Student's Discretion

Class Fee: 6-Week Session: $155 members / $175 non-members
10-Week Session: $200 members / $220 non-members
12-Week Session: $240 members / $260 non-members


Drawing Faces for Beginners with Natalie Voelker

Mondays, October 2 - November 6, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Whether you have previous drawing experience or not, this class will teach you fresh ways of seeing and skills for drawing the human face with confidence. We will learn how to use basic drawing materials for maximum ease and effect, develop a firm understanding of facial proportion, break down the structure of the face into simpler components, hone our observation skills by practicing new ways of seeing, and develop confidence in our ability to draw what we see. A compassionate and encouraging environment invites you to relax and enjoy the experience of drawing as you expand your skills. In six weeks you will notice a difference in your ability to draw what you see with accuracy and expressiveness. This class will cover everything you need to know to get started drawing faces and enjoying the process.

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Supply list provided upon registration
Class Fee: $155 members / $175 non-members


Abstract Painting with Michael Ottersen 

Fridays, October 13 - December 1, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

This class will explore the infinite possibilities of non-figurative or abstract painting in oil and or acrylic paint. Utilizing multiple references, experiences, subjective preferences, and objective observations the student will create images about nothing and everything. Vision and process will be employed to dissect the beauties of mark making, color and value, compositional strategies, and engaging surfaces and textures. There will be no specific formula or style assumptions. All students will be encouraged to develop a personal visual language whether it's wildly gestural, hard-edged geometric, or something hybrid and in between.
(Some previous painting experience preferred) 

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Supply list provided upon registration
Class Fee: $175 members / $195 non-members


Make Your Mark with Earl McBride

Wednesdays, November 1 - December 6, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

This multi-week class is an adventure in finding and developing your own mark! We will utilize personal biography and storytelling to unlock symbols and ways of expression as we develop our own personal marks. We will explore lines, shapes, historical symbols, and ideologies that shape our art practice and play with idiosyncratic methods of art making. We’ll examine the pressure and quality of your line and mark making in addition to how color, negative space, and marks work together to create meaning. Almost any medium can be used in this experimental class!

Location: Harwood's 6th St. Studio

Materials: Supply list provided upon registration
Class Fee: $155 members / $175 non-members


John Garrett
John Garrett


I seem to have known about Harwood Art Center since I moved to Albuquerque in 1996. I have always enjoyed seeing the exhibits there and visiting the studios when they are open to the public. I have taken a couple of classes there, and this last year I have taught a class there myself. This last spring I also had an exhibit of my wire sculptures and wall works at Harwood. I am pleased to contribute work which supports the work of the [Harwood] Art Center.

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